Kanopy” Twilight Free Movie

Twilight “Kanopy”





release Year 2008

User Rating 5,5 of 10

actor Sarah Clarke

runtime 122 minutes

scores 398538 votes




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I liked the final credits. Those were good.

So, I had gotten hooked on the books long before any report was ever given about a movie coming out. When I heard that one was, I was pretty disappointed because very few movies based off of books turn out very good. Well, I wasn"t disappointed. I went to the midnight showing, hoping for a miracle, but ended up laughing the entire time.
When it first started and you saw the scene of Bella leaving home to go to Forks, I was like "this actually might be good." I didn"t have to wait long to be proved wrong. Bella acts like a PMSing girl the entire movie, moody and whiny. It doesn"t help that she can"t even finish a sentence at the most dramatic times of the movie.
Edward, while promising when first cast, proved out to be a horrible choice. I think he first started going down hill when he chose not to wash his hair for seven weeks. His acting was terrible. I read that he studied his character in depth and really got into the sullenness of Edward. Apparently he forgot to study the part where he falls in love too.
I thought the rest of the cast was pretty good, but not enough to save the movie. I love Carslile (except for the first time you see him) and I thought Esme was a sweetie. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett were all good too, but not the best. The "bad" guys were only bad in their acting, and not in appearance.
The movie some what followed the books, but I don"t really remember them having that many bad one-liners. They forgot to mention Jasper"s ability, which is going to be a major problem in the up coming movies, and they didn"t really expand on Edward"s too much. When you see Victoria at the end of the movie watching them, that was a major goof. I guess they forgot that Edward can read minds and would know that she was there.
The only good thing about the movie is the soundtrack, and that is the only thing I will buy. I usually buy movies based off my favorite books even if they suck (in loyalty to the author) but I am afraid that this is one that I am just going to have to skip.

Ooh I hate twilight I"m so edgy people incoming??


Select one of the players that are below and start browsing. When I was 7, I legit thought that Rosalie was played Shaa. I don"t know if y"all thought the same or if I should just go to specsavers but she"s really pretty tho. YESSS IM SO EXITED AND HYPED LIKE IF U R TOO :D. I absolutely HATED the blue filter in every Twilight movie like WHY just why. 1. The end credits. Gosh I miss Twilight ?? Edward Bella Forever!???. Bella????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. Where is Rami Malek. Ok THIS is my new fav jam •. Who only watched twilight bc there are wolfies Like it you agree ????. I have never been able to see another Movie five times like I did this.

What the f did kristen stewart do to her hair????. I have been binging twilight since last month. So nostalgic. Edward and bella forever ??. This proves how much w mother is willing to risk for her baby.



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